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        If you're not sure who to talk to and would like to consult someone who speaks English, please email Nina Wang through  nina@cheaa.org

        Contact information of directors of departments under CHEAA's umbrella:

        -Luo Yuanyuan

        Department of Information (Data, Research, Reports)

        Email: luoyy@cheaa.org

        -Wan Chunhui

        Department of Standards & Regulations (Standards, Regulations, Policies)

        Email: wanch@cheaa.org

        -Dou Yanwei

        Department of Integrated Affairs (HCFC, HFC, Technical Conference)

        Email: douyw@cheaa.org

        -Liu Zhao

        Department of Membership Affairs (Membership)

        Email: liuzhao@cheaa.org

        -General Administration Office

        Email: office@cheaa.org

        Address: Room 709, Talent International Building, 80 Guang Qu Men Nei Avenue, Dong Cheng District, Beijing

        Zip Code: 100062